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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Essential Elements Music Class?

EE Music Class provides over 1,600 interactive resources for the general music classroom and is available on any internet connected device. Teachers can easily share content directly with pupils, with no child logins/passwords required, which allows EEMC to be used with any learning management system such as Seesaw or Google Classroom. Most importantly, the content is carefully curated and meticulously edited to provide the highest quality interactive materials available using the most popular songs available from Hal Leonard.


Purchasing and Trials

Can I try EEMC for free?

Absolutely! We offer a free trial for a full 30 days. Please sign up here:

Also, we offer some samples of our materials without signing up for a trial here:

Can I use a school Purchase Order to subscribe to EEMC?

Absolutely- EEMC accepts many forms of payment including school purchase orders. Just click on the Subscribe Now button on the Home Page to begin the ordering process. You may also place your Purchase Order by email at

If I order now can my subscription start later?

Yes, you may order now and start your subscription(s) at a later date. You may email and we can assist you.


Using EEMC

Will EEMC work with my Interactive Whiteboard?

Yes. While it’s not a requirement, the site and content work with interactive whiteboards as well as any device with an internet connection such as laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

Can I share content with my pupils at home?

Yes. Pupils can enjoy music, use the resources, play music games, and explore the many aspects of EEMC – all on their own through a Playlist or Class Collection share link created by their teacher. Learn more about sharing.

How can I search for content?

Click the "Show Filters" link underneath the Browse Songs text. You can choose a filter category by selecting the "Add Filters" dropdown and selecting, like “Festival,” then choose an option like “Christmas” and it will filter all songs related to that. Additionally, you could choose a category like "Year Group" and then specify an option for the year you want to target.

You can append additional filters by making more selections. By default, it will filter results that match all the filters, but if you would like to change that to matching ANY of the filters you have added.. You can click the word "And" that will be displayed between the multiple filters you have added. This will then switch from "And" to "Or" and will result in listing items that match any of the filters you have enabled. You can disable any individual filters you've added by clicking the "x" to the right of the filter name once it’s been added. Or you can disable all filters by clicking the eye icon to the right of the filter menus. Follow this link to view our complete song list:

How do I create a Playlist or Class Collection?

When browsing or viewing a song and its assets, you will see a folder with a plus sign and a heart in a circle. Click the folder icon to add something to a playlist or the heart icon to add that item to your favourites. You can choose to create a new playlist then choose Add to Playlist. Once you create a playlist or add favourites, you can find them when you click the Browse menu in the top navigation bar and choose Playlists to find Manage Playlists and Class Collections. From there, you can view and manage your playlists and favourites. To create a Class Collection of multiple playlists, start by clicking the Add to Class Collection option and select Add to Class. Click the Manage Class link under the name of your newly created class and this will bring you to a page where you can manage the playlists assigned to your class. To see this in action, check out our YouTube video, Creating Playlists and Class Collections.

How do I share a Song, Playlist or Class Collection with students?

To share your Playlist, return to the Manage Playlists and Class Collections. You should see your playlist and choose the option "Share Playlist" then there will be a pop-up where you choose to Generate Share Link. Then you may copy your unique link or individual songs links to share with your students via email or your favourite learning management system. Similarly, to share a Class Collection, return to Manage Playlists and Class Collections, select the tab My Class Collections, choose Share Class below the title of the class and then Generate Share Link to create a unique link to your Class Collection. You can see all these steps in our video Sharing Playlists and Class Collections.

My share link isn’t working. What do I do now?

Verify that the link was created and shared correctly. You can test your share link in an incognito or private browsing window, or by logging out first before opening the share link. If it is still not working for you then please email the link to us at and we would be happy to investigate further.

Can I download tracks for offline use?

The audio demonstrations and accompaniment tracks are available to download for offline use. Simply click on which one you want to download and wait for it to load on your screen. Once loaded, you will see, to the right of the play bar, a white down arrow. Click on this down arrow to begin the download.

How can I incorporate my own best practices and customise the Lessons?

You can now create your own variations and customise lessons right in the lesson overview. You can deactivate and/or move steps and save as many variations as you'd like and share with your pupils. Go to the lesson and click View Steps. Use the check mark to deselect or select any step. Click Add New at the top to save the current variation and click Share to add it to a Class Collection to be shared.

When will I see more content?

New songs, lessons, interactive resources, and virtual books are added throughout the year, every year. So, your EEMC will continue to grow, giving you an increasing spectrum of assets through which to enhance music-making in your school.

I’d like to share my ideas with you. How can I best do that?

Please use the convenient “Contact Us” link on the bottom of the home page. We are already receiving terrific teacher comments and we’d love to hear yours.

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